Goal-free in Copenhagen

Yesterday Stephen Shapiro and I toured Copenhagen by land and by water. Steve fell in love with the city, especially Christiania, the canals and smorrebrod from Ida Davidsen.

In the afternoon it was time for Steve to present Goal-Free Living to the Danes, and the presentation was a smash hit.

There are lots of pictures from the presentation here.

4 thoughts on “Goal-free in Copenhagen”

  1. Hi Alex & Steve,

    Thanks for a great event, I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing, different from what I am used to and it did create some new thinking and hopefully positive changes going along. I was one of the lucky ones to get hold of the book, and I have already read most of it. It has pointed out some new areas which I can can clearly improve, eg “Become a people magnet” as one of them.

    Good stuff, keep up the good work!

    Best regards

  2. Smash hit!
    What a cool evening, thanks to Stephen for an inspiring event, and a good chat afterwards.
    I have started on the book, but did’nt get far before I had to take action on a too goal-oriented part of my life that was affecting my spirits negatively. Hence, I decided to quit my job a week after the event!

    Don’t know what’s going to happen now, but it will be something good – it always is. Thanx for the inspiration, it was valuable input for my decicion proces, and I trust it will be in the future.


  3. Jon: That’s goal-free living right there. I applaud your courage in making the decision to quit your job.

    Remember to enjoy that in-between period before your next employment. Periods like that can be excellent learning experiences!

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