This Saturday (May 20) I’ll be speaking on motivation at a wellness convention arranged by Scandinavia’s largest fitness chain SATS. You may not know this, but in my spare time I teach aerobics at two SATS gyms in Copenhagen. Yes, it’s true, I get paid to exercise :o)

The topic is “motivation to exercise”, but what I’ll say really applies to all aspects of life and not just to getting and staying physically fit.

Attending the wellness convention is free, so if you’re in Aarhus on saturday swing by Turbinehallen (the venue) – my presentation is from 2-3 PM. All the practical details can be found here.

The Wonderful Girlfriend works outAnd speaking of wellness, the wonderful girlfriend and I just started a blog about wellness. She is also a part-time aerobics instructor, and it dawned on us that between us we know a lot about exercise, good eating, yoga, mental wellness, fun and just plain enjoying life. That’s what we’ll be writing about – check it out.

Hey: Wellness at work! That might be an interesting topic!

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