Question: What makes you happy at work?

QuestionI’d really like to know what makes you happy at work?

What does it take? What do you do? What is it that makes your workday better? Please write a comment to this post.

I’m looking for inspiration for the Happy At Work Book which, incidentally, will be finished soon. I’ll write the last chapter this week or next week at the latest and I only started writing it a month ago. Sometimes I scare myself :o)

10 thoughts on “Question: What makes you happy at work?”

  1. Succes in my projects make me happy. Knowing I do something well can make me high too. And good ole fun & party with my co-workers goes a long way as well.

  2. Definetly success in projects!

    Here are some other things:
    * Making other people smile. There’s a lot of ways to do this, of course… Telling someone that they’re doing good work works sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be work related. And it should definetly come natural, and not be forced.

    * Helping people with their problems.

    * Having lunch in the park with my colleagues.

    * Looking forward to working out after work. Ok, so it isn’t an activity _at_ work, but it definetly makes me happier at work to know I’m going to do something fun when I’m done.

  3. Seriously, though … Happiness at work is something that’s been important to me for a long time, although I tend to be more unhappy than happy. It’s good to see that someone are taking it seriously. :)

  4. My coworkers, the feeling that we’re having fun working towards a goal together.

  5. Damn, some of my favourites are already taken! But here’s another one: Leaving at the end of each day feeling that I’ve accomplished something meaningful

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