Ask the Chief Happiness Officer

Ask me anything :o)I’m introducing a new feature on the blog: I’m now taking questions.

Seriously, ask me anything related to happiness at work. Just call me the Miss Manners or Dear Abby of the workplace.

The way it works is you ask a question (either in a comment to this post or in an email) and I answer it in a post on the blog. If you want me to, I’ll anonymize your question so you won’t get caught asking for outside advice. Go ahead and ask, I’d love to help!

4 thoughts on “Ask the Chief Happiness Officer”

  1. Ok, here’s one: How do you keep your family jewels cool when having your laptop in your lap? :P

  2. Hey, my first question. Thanks Stressedmanager.

    The answer is simple: Mind over matter. A continuous chant of “cool nuts, cool nuts, coooooool nuts” will keep your … jewels from overheating.

  3. Why do you never talk about the happiness you can derive from work itself, but always about the ancillary parts, i.e. the relations you have with your colleagues? Surely the job itself should be the greatest contributor to your happiness at work. I am thinking of Csikszentmihalyi’s work on Flow.

  4. Two questions:
    1) When/where did the cult of overwork start? Or has business/marketing/office work always been a race towards more & more hours?
    2) Upper management at our company work 6+ days a week, have sacrificed their family lives for the past 15 years to build the company, and in general are not a fun bunch. Is it worth trying to change the corporate culture one step at a time, or should we just give up?

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