Monday tip: Bring a co-worker a cup of coffee

The Chief Happiness Officer's monday tipsThis tip is really, really, really simple:

Bring a co-worker a cup of coffe.

At some point during the day, without being asked, bring a co-worker a nice cup of hot coffee. Substitute tea, cocoa, a coke, etc. based on your co-workers preference.

For extra bonus points:

  • Do it for someone who obviously needs a fresh cup of energy
  • Stealthily find out that person’s coffee preference, and bring a cup that’s just right (milk, sugar, etc).
  • Bring someone you don’t talk to much (or even someone you don’t like much) a cup
  • Use the coffee as a chance for a chat with that person

Once you’ve done it, please report back here and tell us how it went. Did it work or fail miserably? Did you do it exactly as proscribed or improve upon the mission in your own way?

Share what you did with other people around the world so we can all create more arbejdsglaede together :o)

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9 thoughts on “Monday tip: Bring a co-worker a cup of coffee”

  1. I picked up my co-worker her favorite coffee on an early Monday morning. She was very happy and surprised. I felt really good and she was very sweet about it.

  2. I did this yesterday morning and this morning (and washed up!), as the boss it’s unusual for me to do the coffee run. I felt good for doing it, and it freed up the time of the person who usually makes it!

  3. I got my co-worker a can of soda from the basement in our building. He was happy to get a late-afternoon boost. I also worked up the courage to ask another co-worker on my way if he wanted something, too. He tends to annoy me …… ALL the time. I had to force myself to stop by his office, but I think it was a good step for me to take.

  4. I brought our office executive assistant a coffee this morning. She was very thankful to receive it. I shared your site with here and asked her to pay it forward. What a way to go. In addition, this lead to a conversation with others about this topic. I didn’t know them well enough to get them a beverage. I felt guilty because if I had known I could have done something for them. We discussed the topic and came up with an idea to have a staff list of “All my favorite” things” using google forms. so others would know these things if we think of it.

  5. At the end of a long day at work, I spread some Arbejdsglaede by giving our HR clerk her favourite bar of chocolate. Often the team in HR are left covering late at night and have no one to talk to.
    Emma, was surprised to see someone taking an interest in what she was doing and how I may help her role in the future as well. Great start to my Arbejdsglaede missions.,

  6. My colleague is having a very bad morning today. I went to her favourite coffee shop and purchased her favourite – a flat white with a shot of vanilla. I just gave the cup to her, her face brightened up, and she had a smile from ear to ear. Arbejdsglaede success!

  7. I tried it twice once on Monday with a member of my team – it worked well – got surprise and a smile. The second time was with a different colleague and got very little reaction.

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