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  1. tough one…

    I try to have a little chat with every person I meet, specially in the mornings, and specially (but not only) if they are in a “lower position in the company’s hierarchy” (although I don’t really like this hierarchy stuff). This way I found out that someone that always looks very calmed was in fact very stressed, so I gave him some relaxation tips =)

    A girl here started with an ecologic campaign, and was very busy (and stressed) about it. Then I told her that her posters (well, printed paper sheets) were a little too agressive. That made her went mad.
    So at the end, you never know when you’re touching a nerve :-P

  2. Yesterday the project I have been working on launched during a large scale event. The team I have been working with have been a great help both during developing and during the launch event itself.

    Today I bought some apple pie and got everybody together where I thanked them for their support and enthousiasm.

  3. Background- I started a new job on Monday and this week has been full of meeting my team *i manage the fundraising leg of a none profit*, the Board, and the other executive staff

    Happy- I hand-wrote thank you notes for all the people i manage, thanking them for helping me transition into the organization.

    Unhappy- I started trying to synchronize records in our electronic and hard files with out first checking to see if that was already on someone’s task list. I ended up stepping on someone’s toes because they felt i was patronizing their efforts at the clean-up by jumping in and trying to do it myself.

  4. Alex,

    The simplest way I make people smile and sense happy in a work environment is to surprise folks with a moment of improv.

    For example, a clerk told me the cost of an item today and I said, “you’re going to take my money and I bet you will sleep just fine tonight.” She smile and said, “they don’t let me take the money home, that’s why I sleep just fine.”

    Surprise in the midst of the routine is always fun for me. It makes me happy, so I figure it makes others that way.

    But I’m goofy that way.

    Keep creating… surprises, Mike

  5. I occasionally pick up a box of fresh jam filled doughnuts from the local bakery to bring in to tense or booring meetings. Most people enjoy the gesture, even though doughnuts are known to make you fat, and hence it will not work under all conditions. A more healthy way (not as efficient in my opinnion although) would be to bring in some fresh fruit. Mostly i think that it is the sheer surprise that somebody actually takes him/herself time to do something that makes people happy. Ony negative side with this is that once you start you will be invited to lots of meetings where you should not be sitting.

    A. A.

  6. I generally try to be happy no matter what. A lot of times I just fail, but I do try. Dealing with a person who always jokes around is better in my opinion then with someone who is grumpy all the time.


  7. JACH: As always, I like your style. And, no, you never know when you suddenly touch a nerve and offend someone.

    Alper: Great idea – not just apple pie, but apple pie and sincere thanks.

    Sarah: Hand-written thank you notes – I love it! WAY better than emails.

    Michael: Great to hear from you again! And what a great way to create a real connection with a stranger!

    Anders: Great idea. And for the meetings you don’t want to go to – maybe you could decline, and just send the donuts :o)

    Alex: I could not agree more – we need happy people around us.

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