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Why happiness is overrated. It can only be a matter of time before companies appoint happiness action officers whose job it will be to patrol workstations with a clipboard: “Jenkins – cheer up or it’s a remedial, wellbeing residential workshop for you. Smith – happy enough!” (via). Heh!

Microsoft made two training videos with renowned business consultant David Brent (played of course by Ricky Gervais of The Office). Hilarious!
Video 1Video 2. (Via Mathias Vestergaard).
This is actually a great and entertaining way to get the message remembered – I might even be able to recite the Microsoft values now :o)

But the funniest fake corporate videos are still the Reebok commercials featuring Terry Tate.

10 things you could do this friday afternoon. I like number 8-10.

Oh, the dangers of being self-employed.

3 thoughts on “Friday links”

  1. Ha, you laugh at the “happiness is overrated” one. I actually do have a coworker who takes it upon herself to act as the happiness police and it has had the result of creating an antagonistic attitude towards positive thining! I had to calm down one team member who was genuinely insulted by her attempts, because by constantly goading him to be happier she very much implied that his current life just wasn’t happy enough (and thus, the implication was, not worthwhile). Having someone try to control your “happiness” can be a very unpleasant experience indeed!

  2. Scott: Probably not :o)

    Sara: MAN, that sucks.

    There’s an interesting thin about happiness at work that few people appreciate, namely that you can’t pressure people to be happy. In fact, if you try you only make people react oppositely and make them less happy.

    That’s why I always say that happiness at work is an invitation. You can open the door for people, but you can’t push them through it.

    May I use your comment in my book on happiness at work? It perfectly illustrates this point!

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