Great research on happiness at work from Gallup

I have found a veritable treasure trove of articles on happiness at work over at the Gallup Management Journal.

Here are a few great ones:
Construct the workplace to encourage interaction
You are three times as likely to have a close-knit group if the physical environment makes it easy to socialize.

Dilbert Is Right, Says Gallup Study
A national employee survey confirms that uncomfortable work environments do make for disgruntled employees.

Bringing Work Problems Home
Employees who arenít engaged in their jobs are more likely to be unhappy in their personal lives too.

Can Employees Be Friends With the Boss?
Yes, according to research. In fact, managers who demonstrate care for employees have more engaged staffs.

There’s much, much more…

2 thoughts on “Great research on happiness at work from Gallup”

  1. Yeah Joshua, Scott Adams is amazingly funny and spot-on with his observations. I think that one great thing he does is get lots of ideas and stories from his readers which he then uses in the strip and in his newsletters.

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