Photos from London

I’m still in London and still having a great time. Here are some visuals from the trip. Click any image to see a larger version of it over at 23 – the cooler photosharing site.

Pret and a bus
This is how I know I’m in London. A cup of coffee from Pret Manger and a doubledecker bus in the background.

Sharing a shisha
Lars Plougmann and I share a shisha at iftar.

Visiting WhatIf? innovation. They’re a truly great company and the happiest workplace in the UK in 2004+5. Expect a full report on some of their practices soon.

… and their big red couch.

You’re not allowed to leave London untill you’ve taken this picture.

I have no idea what that’s about.

5 thoughts on “Photos from London”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying my favourite city and home-away-from-home. Don’t forget the other compulsory London take-home pictures: looking both directions from Waterloo bridge.

  2. Damn, I missed thos pictures Andrew. I’m glad they didn’t notice at (the incredibly, stupidly) strict security control in Stansted :o)

  3. The poster is a sarcastic advert for the new digital TV channel that is all US shows. Brits love to hate America (but actually love it).

  4. Thanks you Adrian – my curiosity was driving me crazy for a while, so it’s good to find out what this is about.

    And don’t we all love, and love to hate, America :o)

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