Announcing: Journey into leadership

New leaderI’m totally excited about announcing the newest feature on the site: Journey into leadership.

I was contacted by A.M. Starkin, a young manager who recently got his first profit-and-loss leadership position of a small company. He must turn this company around from loss to profits and must do so quickly.

He believes that happiness at work is a major part of the solution, but is also a part of a larger organization that may not always share these beliefs.

Starkin will be chronicling his journey, thoughts, ideas and questions about once a week, but not on a fixed schedule.

This is real life, as it happens. Not a business case, edited after the fact. Not an anecdote from a “friend of a friend”. This is a real person in a very real situation, and I’m totally jazzed about following his journey and about seeing how the readers of this blog, as a community, can help Starkin.

You can see all the posts about Starkin’s journey into leadership here.

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