Don’t spend sunday night fearing monday morning

Back to workAccording to this article, many people waste their sundays fearing their mondays.

“I never sleep on Sunday night very well because I’m worried about going to work on Monday morning,” said one worrier. “My job is very stressful and you kind of have to gear up for Monday and getting back into that.”

That’s horrible, and I can only imagine what having this experience week after week does to people.

But mostly, I’m worried that the expert quoted in the article advices people to create some calming sunday rituals ie. to watch TV, play games or talk to a friend, but doesn’t say word one about fixing your job or quitting your job. If that’s how you feel on sunday, then it’s obvious that something about your mondays needs to change.

Raise your hand if you’d rather spend your sunday totally energized and looking forward to monday morning, because work is just that much fun. That’s happiness at work right there!

A great big thank you to Tim Raines for telling me about this article.

7 thoughts on “Don’t spend sunday night fearing monday morning”

  1. The calming Sunday ritual works.

    Every Sunday night, I cook a meal and snacks for 8-15 friends at my house and we eat and play board games from 5-11.

    Always a great time, hanging out, having fun.

    Then again, talking with those guys for a new job when I’m dreading monday is also a good way to know if I really should make the leap.


  2. No one should “waste” their weekends dreading the upcoming workweek!
    That being said I have to say that I have been there myself..
    Sleepless nights, fear of going to work and the like are sure signs of STRESS!

    You must not ignore these signs!!
    If you do, you might end up on sick leave. And believe me, if you have difficulties going from 160 miles pr hour on weekdays to 110 miles pr hour in the weekends – imagine what it’s like to go from 160 to 0 in just one day!!! It’s not a place you’d like to be!

    So, make sure to do something totally different and relaxing in your sparetime: exercise, meet with friends, meditate, travel

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Sundays are for recovering from the crazy fun of the weekend, and preparing for the crazy fun of Monday! If that’s not how you look at Monday, you need to look for something else to do on Monday.

    I’ve never understood the fear of change that overwhelms people to the point of staying in a job that they can’t stand. We should be able to celebrate our blessings, not dread our situation.

  4. Michael: That sounds like a great sunday. Can I come along? :o)

    Anne: I could not agree more: If that’s what work does to a person, it’s time to look forward and create a better work situation.

    Mark: Me neither. I’ve walked away from employment situations that I didn’t like and every single time, I’ve gotten something way, WAY better than I had before. It makes no sense to stick around but some people live in terror of losing their jobs.

  5. I agree Kevin – the choices before us so far have been exactly as you describe them. I believe that this is changing and changing fast in favor of happiness at work.

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