11 thoughts on “Free Hugs”

  1. Hugging in the workplace is no different to anywhere else as far as I’m concerned. It’s a gesture of closeness that I tend to reserve for my closest friends, or those most in need of emotional support.

    Viewed that way, it’s rarely appropriate in the workplace. But it’s never something to be frowned upon, as long as the recipient is willing!

  2. I think it would be an interesting thought although people might have the feeling they’re being forced into it as long as the person you’re hugging isn’t someone you really like :)

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  4. I’ve suprised my colleagues every now and then with a hug, sometimes they like it… and sometimes they don’t.

    But everytime this breaks the ice, 100% guarantee :)

  5. Thanks for the input people. I didn’t use to be a hugger myself (we didn’t even hug in my family fer chrissakes), but I became one later in life. I really enjoy hugging people now, but certainlt don’t do it with everyone I meet.

    Eugene: The hugs per conference day is a great metric. By that standard the Tony Robbins event I just attended was a huuuuge hit :o)

  6. Amei!!!!!!! Muito lindo!! Muito especial!! Muito diferente!!

    Loved it!! Very wonderful!! Very special!! Very different!!

  7. I have been hugging people most of my life! Most of my family are huggers , I
    can tell who is receptive to it most of the time most people are receptive as it makes them feel good.

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