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TattooSteve Farber on The Greatness Paradox. “There is no law of physics, no universal rule–that I know of, anyway–that says your succeeding requires my failing, your fulfillment requires my emptiness, your happiness, my grief.” Steve is looking for stories on how you make others great. Go give him one.

Fred Gratzon on Weeds and Life’s Purpose. “The problem is that most folks, besides not believing they are special (a tragic oversight, by the way), are so dulled out or fatigued that their innate intelligence, creativity, and passion are encrusted with inertia and thereby rendered sluggish.”

How not to apply for a job in banking. Funniest thing on the net this week. You can’t make this stuff up, but Aleksey Vayner has. You MUST watch the video!

Our employees’ tatoos. The missing link corporate website has a page showing it’s employees’ tattoos? Btw: It would be kinda funny if this company has one guy who’s just different and refuses to fit in – because he doesn’t have a single tattoo or piercing anywhere on his body :o)

And have an amazingly great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday links”

  1. Hey, thanks loads for the link, (I just subscribed here the other day too). We pay for everyone’s tattoos, but only about half the team have em. I’s their thing.
    Have a rad weekend…!

  2. The lazyway to success is a great book.
    No sense working hard when you can work smart!



  3. Rich: You’re welcome! I love the idea of a company that pays for it’s employees tattoos!

    Lucas: Thanks for the tip.

    Craig: The lazy way is an EXCELLENT book that all business people should read!

    Michael: I had no idea you could get blacklight tattoos..?

  4. Michael: That is amazing. That blacklight skeleton tattoo is way cool. Almost makes me want one. Maybe a blacklight smiley or something :o)

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