Help me evaluate my book

Happy At Work BookAlrighty – my book about happiness at work is aaaaaaalmost there. Now I could really use your opinion and feedback.

I’m doing my final write-through this week and I’m incredibly happy with it. Either this is a friggin’ great book or I’m seriously deluded. But why don’t you tell me which it is :o)

UPDATE: I’m totally blown away here, and I think over 40 people giving feedback is probably as many as I can handle, so I’ve closed the sign-up. Thank you to everyone who’s signed up to give feedback. I’m really excited about showing you the book and to hear what you think!

This monday my wonderful girlfriend and I are leaving for a short vacation in London. If you’d like to review this release candidate (nerd humor, I apologize) of the book, write a comment on this post. That way I get your email adress (don’t worry, it won’t appear on the site).

Then we’ll do it like this:

  1. On monday November 6 I’ll email an electronic version of the book to all the people who’ve signed up.
  2. You pick the one chapter that you find the most interesting and read it and give me feedback on it. You’re more than welcome to read the entire thing of course, but focus on one chapter so you can give me some thorough feedback on it.
  3. Forget all about spelling, grammar, typos and punctuation, I’m going to get some pros to fix all of that.
  4. Focus on the contents of one chapter, and please answer the following questions for me:
    • What do you really like about this chapter?
    • What could be better? Are there any holes in the contents or the arguments in the chapter? Something I need to focus more on? Some point I should elaborate more on?
    • Does anything seem redundant? Something I can safely cut out?
    • What is your overall impression? Is this chapter ready to go into the book?
    • If you were to write a three-line review of the book based on what you’ve read, what would it say?
  5. Be honest. If you love it, say so. If you think it sucks, say you love it anyway :o) Just kidding – if you absolutely hate it or see something you don’t like, tell me – I’m a big boy, I can take it.
  6. Write your feedback in the text document I’ll include and mail them back to me no later than friday November 10.

I’ll then do the final rewrite that same weekend and provided that I don’t need to make too many changes, the book will go out to proofreading the monday after and to printing later that week.

55 thoughts on “Help me evaluate my book”

  1. Hi Alex,

    I am looking forward to read and comment on one of the chapters.

    Enjoy London and Europe. I hope you will have good weather over here, because right now it is very very stormy, at least here in northern germany, near the Baltic Sea.

    Best wishes

  2. You’ve made a positive impact in my professional life, so any help I can offer would be great! Thank you.

  3. I’d be glad to review a chapter of your book Alex. I’ve published two myself–my most important being I Do! I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook–and know the value of outside objective feedback. I look forward to receiving my copy.

  4. Can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy the chance to review a chapter or the book for you. Sign me up.

  5. I’m very interested in seeing what you’ve written. Tour de force? Delusional? Either way, I’ll let you know.

  6. Congrats on your steady progress towards completion.
    I would like to recieve a copy of the book to give some feedback.
    I’m not sure if I’m leaving this message in the right place but I know you’ll gey it anyway.Enjoy London !

  7. People, people, people :o)

    I announce this last night and just 12 hours later, almost 40 people have signed up to help.

    Thank you SO much all of you. I’m happy and honored!

    This just proves what I’ve always felt: That everything we need is right around us – if we dare to look for it instead of always struggling alone. Thank you!

  8. I would like to help with one chapter, too!
    Reading your blog for such a long time, places your book in hard position (I have to be better), and I would like to find out if you manage to do it. ;-)

  9. My english is not perfect, but I’m curious to read and evuluate the electronic version of the book

  10. I’d be pleased to evaluate a chapter or more. I work in Human Capital and have been researching happiness at work for the last few years. Look forward to it.

  11. alexander:

    is it possible to summarize your rss into one feed per day or per week? getting 3-4 rss feeds each day is excessive

    ‘just delete it’? maybe … but each time i select a new feed, there’s time wasted if i don’t like the feed … and i’m not happy with my life wasted with such excessive mental load

    a good example is lifehacker:highlights feed where only the ‘good stuff’ happening that week is fed to u — read little summary/abstract and then just select a link to the blog i like

    really, there’s no need to deliver blogs each day with ‘internet instant gratification’ … slow life is happy life ;)

    thx and no offense

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