Speech of my life

Alexander Kjerulf presentingOne hour ago, I gave my best speech on happiness at work so far to 400 people from the The Directorate for Food, Fisheries and Agri Business here in Copenhagen. I’m sitting in a nearby café totally buzzing with the energy of getting up in front of a big crowd and totally kicking butt :o)

I tried out a completely new format for this presentation, one that involves music, clapping, high-fives, various exercises that are more meditative and of course some presentations by yours truly. It works. No, let me rephrase that: IT WORKS and I rock :o)

The feedback from the participants was amazingly positive. They especially remarked on the format, my energy, the topic (happiness at work, of course) and on the fact that it was accessible and practical.

I can’t wait to do it again, preferrably real soon!! MAN, I love being me.

12 thoughts on “Speech of my life”

  1. And here is the great thing I think I know about you Alex.

    If trying something new in your presentation had not gone so well; your world would not have ended, you’d look at it, tweak it, try it again and keep on inventing. And you’d still be happy!

    Am I right?

    Keep creating…rock and roll presentations,

  2. Mike: Minor fumbles: No problem. But can I share a secret with you: I HATE it when I screw up badly. When it happens I can beat myself up over it for days.

    And THEN I learn from it and move on :o)

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