Work-life balance links

Work-life balanceI’ll round of the Work-Life Balance theme this week with a few good links about it from other blogs:

Tim King on work-life balance and thought work

You canít see a thought-workerís thoughts, so you canít measure them. You have to measure what you can see, and you have two choices. You can measure results, or can you measure how much time the worker spends sitting in his chair. But hereís the twist! The act of measuring the time spent sitting in the chair changes what results are achieved. And the act of measuring results changes when and for how long the thought-worker sits in his chair.

You have one life

For the longest time, I lived my life in two compartments. There was ďwork life??? and ďpersonal life,??? all kept in place by an ever-teetering Work-Life Balance. What a silly concept. Itís actually a euphemism for ďI donít intend to let my job take over all aspects of my life,??? which of course canít be said out loud in many companies.

Work-life imbalance

My friend told me an atrocious story. Actually, she told me a few of them, but Iím only going to share one of them with you right now.

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