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Gabe recently asked:

What advice do you have for those who want to improve things and are consistently met with opposition?

I gave my answer here but then I thought: “Hey, let’s get an expert in on the conversation.”

I passed the question on to Ann Michael who blogs at She wrote an excellent answer in the comments to the post and expanded on it on her own blog. My favorite part is:

I know its an overused expression but look for low hanging fruit???. What are the relatively easy things (low or isolated implementation impact e.g., things you or you and a buddy can do yourselves) that could have a noticeable positive impact on the business? Thats where you start (even if its not at the top of list for things YOU want to do first!). You need to gain credibility for your approach. Results speak louder than aspirations.

There are more great suggestions in the comments on Ann’s post.

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