Monday Tip: Send a co-worker an anonymous present

The Chief Happiness Officer's monday tipsFirst go read this inspiring story from Kenny Moore, a catholic monk who went corporate.

My plan was to anonymously send a $40 floral arrangement to two unsuspecting employees every Monday morning… Attached to the flowers would be a note: “Don’t ever think your good efforts go unnoticed.” Signed: “From someone who cares.”

Then do the same: Send someone in your organization an anonymous present. Flowers, candy, balloons, a cool gadget. Something fun, happy, cheap and positive. Attach a note similar to Kenny’s

Then watch what happens and tell me about it in a comment.

The Chief Happiness Officer’s Monday tips are simple, easy, fun things you can do to make yourself and others happy at work and get the work-week off to a great start. Something everyone can do in five minutes, tops. When you try it, write a comment here to tell me how it went.

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5 thoughts on “Monday Tip: Send a co-worker an anonymous present”

  1. I have to say that would creep me out no end. If someone sent me an anonymous present? I would lie awake nights wondering who it was, and what was their motive, and if I had a stalker! I think anonymous anythings are not such a good idea. The impulse is kind, even fairy-godfather-like, but some people (like me) would be troubled by it rather than encouraged. Whereas if the person signed the card, I’d feel warmly grateful to the person – *and* I would think that I am appreciated.

  2. Diana: I get your point and I’m sure that some people would be freaked out by it.

    The upside of doing it anonymously is of course the element of mystery, and the fact that trying to figure out who it is can become a fun little game.

    Do you think there is a way to keep it anonymous, but still make sure that it’s fun rather than creepy?

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