My favorites

Happy SprayJust so you know it, I’ve put all my favorite blogposts from this site in one category, called best of site.

Some of my all time favorites are:

Enjoy :o)

4 thoughts on “My favorites”

  1. Alex, I have taken to heart the idea of “seriously cool” workspace. We’re asking what that means here at our little firm…and that question alone is contributing some serious “happiness at work”.

    You are right: that post deserves to be on the “best of site” list!

    Thanks for stirring things up – Mike

  2. I really like the idea “Best of site”. I’ll add it soon to our series about “blog usability” where we focus on better “out of the box” experience for blogs.

    Is that your own idea by the way? Please provide more details (if any).



  3. Mike: Coool – I like that. Please let me know what you figure out.

    Jesper: Yes, it is my own idea and a very simple one at that. I felt that there isn’t really an overlap between my “popular posts” and my “good posts”.

    So rather than simply displaying the ones that get 10.000’s of hits, the category dcontains the ones I am the most proud of.

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