The Economist cramps my style

Here’s the author photo I had taken for my book about happiness at work:

Alexander Kjerulf

It was taken by Rune Heickendorf who takes some amazingly great pictures.

And now my friend Lars alerts me to the cover of the new issue of The Economist:

The Economist on happiness

How much do you think I should sue them for?

Seriously: It’s great to see how happiness is becoming a central theme in economics. There’s a growing realization that once your basic needs are covered, more money does not make you any happier. Therefore it makes sense for societies, politicians and economists to focus more on maximizing a nation’s happiness instead of its GDP. For a great book on that, read Richard Layard’s excellent book Happines – lessons from a new science.

4 thoughts on “The Economist cramps my style”

  1. Wow, that’s a little more than coincidental. You might want to send them this post and show them the inspiration. Nice work on your book…putting in an order today. Much success to you.



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