Graph of the year

I know it’s only February, but I would like to nominate this nifty little illustration from the Slow Leadership blog for the coveted “graph of the year” award:


The accompanying blogpost ain’t too shabby either:

If a thing is worth doing, itís worth doing badly first. In the real world, doing something new almost always means doing it poorly the first few times… To do something new, you have to make a conscious decision to let yourself try things that you know you can’t do.

3 thoughts on “Graph of the year”

  1. I just printed this one for my desk and then read your blog! :-) It’s a good one.

    “The greatest mistake man can be is to be afraid of making one.”

  2. Sarah: Glad you liked it. It’s not mine though – I only wish it was :o) All praise should go to the Slow Leadership Blog.

    Gareth: Me too! I’m totally envious :o)

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