Happy link roundup

Stress killsHere are this week’s highest rated links and stories from the Happy at Work Link Collection.

Stress kills. Though rarely this literally. (thx Lars).

Ricardo Semler: granddaddy of the democratic workplace. “Ricardo Semler’s employees set their hours, determine their salaries and choose their bosses. Meet the Brazilian businessman who does everything differently.” (thx Kareem).

The Danes are the happiest workers in Europe. Yaaaaaay! At the bottom of the list: Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. And Japan.

How listening saved a company. “Dave began meeting with a different crew for an hour every Tuesday afternoon. Dave and his HR manager were there, but none of the managers or supervisors between him and the crew. Dave simply asked, “What do you want to talk about?” and then waited.”

A valentine’s day story of love at work. A sweet story from Southwest Airlines.

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4 thoughts on “Happy link roundup”

  1. Alexander,

    Thanks for sharing our Southwest LUV story! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Did you know that having a FUN-LUVing attitude is a requirement of all Southwest Employees? We try to keep work fun everyday!

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