More reviews of my book. Apparently it’s really good :o)

Alexander Kjerulf jumpingGreat reviews of my book Happy Hour is 9 to 5 are still coming in from all over the world. I still haven’t seen a bad review – or even a less-than-glowing one!

Here are some examples:

Frederik Petersen says:

I can only recommend this book to everybody who wants an input to the positive and happy side of work-life – meaning there must be a great potential for this book -;)

Phinias says:

I sat down yesterday night after a rough week….I just finished it 30 minutes ago. I am planning a meeting with my boss to get her to start doing these exercises as soon as we can.

Challa S.S.J.Ram Phani from Hyderabad, India says:

It is really inspiring, interesting and highly readable and incredibly helpful to make my workplace happy to facilitate my fellow employees become more productive and happy not just 9 to 5, but before 9 and after 5 pm

It is a great support to my mission of making my workplace better wherever I work.

Fellow Dane Allan says:

Once in a while on my daily hikes around the Internet, I strike gold.

I did so today.

Over at where the book is for sale, cr_duckworth writes:

I browsed through the book and ordered a copy for my boss after telling her how good it is!

She LOVED it! She’s tried to keep as professional and fun of an atmosphere at work as possible, and now it’s even better!

If you are management, BUY THIS BOOK
If you are an employee, BUY THIS BOOK

You cannot go wrong!


Clint James has this to say:

No, this isn’t a panacea for workplace woes, nor a magic happy pill, but a comprehensive guide on how to make a very important part of your life better. It affected me deeply.

More reviews here. You can also add your own review!

Buy the book or read it free online here.

3 thoughts on “More reviews of my book. Apparently it’s really good :o)”

  1. Well, what did you expected?… the book is good… get over it… move along. Next one please!

    I’ve read it on line and… I am actually happier at work… but in my case there are more factors involved, not only your book… actually come to think of it maybe your book using the Law of Attraction allowed me to attract into my life the rest… hmmm….

  2. Alex, the book is amazing and your site is amazing. Not only am I finding resources for my team, but I’m learning new things all the time.

    I just had my three month review and I scored very well – you have had a hand in that, and I thank you very much! For those of you new to, stick around, you will learn a lot!!!

  3. Peter: No, no – I’m sure it’s my book that does it :o) And the next book is in the making – I’ll announce the project very soon!

    Shel: Thank you. Really!! And congratulations on the good review!

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