Reception for my book this Thursday

Happy Hour is 9 to 5If you’re fortunate enough to be in Copenhagen this week, please join me in celebrating my book!

I’m having a reception at Café Enter on Thursday February 15th from 4PM-6PM, and you’re invited. Drop in any time and say hi. This is also a great change to buy an autographed copy of my book :o)

The program is:
4PM: The reception opens. Come and hang out with other fans of happiness at work.
5PM: I’ll give a 15 minute presentation on what it’s like to write a book about happiness at work and how it’s been received the world over.
6PM: The reception ends

The café’s address is Guldbergsgade 29, right across from the Empire cinema (click here for a map).

I hope to see you there!

6 thoughts on “Reception for my book this Thursday”

  1. I am sure it will be a hoot. I would be there if I wasn’t on the Western Hemisphere but I will pass on the word to a couple of Eastern Hemisphere friends of mine.
    I met up with Stowe Boyd tonight and told him about your book (I am reading the final chapters). He said he already received it in the mail and that he liked it.

  2. Too bad I can’t be there.
    For the Dutch ideas of Happiness at Work I am meeting with Erno Mijland soon. We’ll brainstorm on the possibilities and cooperation.

  3. hi alex – wish you have a great celebration (inspite of the stolen wallet)..

    wanted to point out a typo: ‘change’ instead of ‘chance’

    i liked the way you didnt let the stolen wallet affect you for more than 5 minutes. i have been in that kind of an elevated state some time back but off late seem to have lost it. couple of years back one of my new trousers, costing quite a lot by indian standards, went off for ironing. the next day as i wearing it to office i noticed a small burn hole at the back. normally i would have blasted the laundry people. but i took this very easy!! my current situation is not the same – i need to get back to those good old days of happiness :)

  4. Lars: I keep getting these mails from people who want to be there but “can’t because they’re in another country.” What kind of a lousy excuse is that?

    A chance to go to one of my book receptions doesn’t come very often and considering how dirt cheap plane tickets are, you’d think people could pull themselves together, get on a jet and make it to Copenhagen. But nooooo…


    Erno and Erno: How cool. The Dutch fraction of happiness at work.

    Srini: Thank you very much. How come you lost some of your cool? What has changed?

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