This week I’m snowboarding in the alps with my wonderful girlfriend, so I won’t be around to blog much. Just to keep things active around here, I’ve set up a few blog posts that will run during the week (including a very important announcement on Tuesday), but apart from that, all the action is at the Happy at work link site.

There are lots of interesting stories and links on there, and you can add your own and vote for the ones you like.

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8 thoughts on “Pooooooooowder”

  1. If you’re over on our side of the Alps (Lake Como), drop me a line – we’ll take you to dinner to sample some local specialties!

  2. Alex,

    I am looking at your photo.

    I am looking at the sentence that says “This week I am snowboarding…”

    I am thinking that the next time I have relaxed a bit too long with a drink, I will tell my lovely wife that “I have been snowboarding.”

    Here’s to “Happiness at Holiday!”



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