Have happiness, will travel

WorldWoo-hoo: It seems like this is the year the world outside of Denmark opens its eyes to the importance of happiness at work.

I’m certainly in much demand – just check out my list of international gigs so far:

  • May 18: I’m at the Web.start conference in Zagreb, Croatia, where I’ll speak about happiness at work in internet startups.
  • June 1: I’m giving a presentation on happiness at work in Stockholm, arranged by 4good, who will be representing me in Sweden. It’s free to participate in the presentation, so if you’re in Stockholm, read all about it here.
  • June 28: I’m speaking at the Worldblu gathering for 2007’s most democratic workplaces in Sundance, Utah.
  • September 27: I’m doing a key-note presentation and a workshop at a conference about learning in Bucharest, Romania.
  • October 10: I’m speaking at a conference in London arranged by the Work Empowerment Foundation.

If you’re coming to any of these events, please look me up – I always love to meet new people.

This is of course in addition to all my speaking gigs here in Denmark, where happiness at work really seems to be an accepted success factor in most businesses.

But busy as I currently am, there’s still room for more international gigs. Hint, hint!

4 thoughts on “Have happiness, will travel”

  1. Hi Alex,

    I’m totally psyched! I’m moving to Romania (from Japan) in July. Can you give any more information about when and where your presentation will be?

    I’m really looking forward it!


  2. The world is full of synchronicity … I am from Romania… and I was just thinking recently how much Romanian business might benefit from approaching the work force differently. Happiness at work is one aspect.

    Making a young man approaching work understand his contribution using something like “A Message to Garcia” by Elbert Hubbard is another good way to jump-start a business relationship.

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