The value of praise

Happy cupA major Danish newspaper just ran an article on praise, in which 8 or 9 people including consultants, researchers and psychologists were interviewed about their views on appreciation and praise.

The article begins with these words:

As soon as the founder of Woohoo inc. picks up the phone, you can tell that you’re dealing with a man who wants to be spectacularly happy.

His voice sings out as he introduces himself – as if he only ever expects pleasant surprises when strangers call him on the phone.

And it’s not long either before his first enthusiastic, appreciative “Exactly!” enters the conversation.

That has got to be just about the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me :o)

I’m then quoted as saying that praise:

  • Is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of motivating people
  • Is wildly contagious
  • Takes no time and costs no money
  • Doesn’t always have to be from manager to employee – anyone can praise anyone else

So what are you waiting for? Go praise someone already!

5 thoughts on “The value of praise”

  1. Brilliant! Love it! And love your blog! So refreshing!

    “Give everyone an A” – Ben Zander “The Art of Possibility”
    “Give honest sincere appreciation” – Dale Carnegie “…Win Friends & Influence People”

    Best regards!

  2. Hi Alexander,

    I am soooo glad to see someone else talk about the virtue of praise and fun in the workplace (and in life). I often write about the same things (maybe that’s why some think I am Weird) and am encouraged to see more people like yourself talking about this topic.

    Don’t stop!

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