Monday Tip: Get som gourmet coffee (or tea)

The Chief Happiness Officer's monday tipsWhat would happen, if just for one day the regular, anonymous coffee in your workplace had been replaced by some kind of delicious gourmet brew?

Maybe some Indian Willoughby AA, some Sumatran Green Mountain or if you’re feeling especially adventurous, how about some weasel coffee where the coffee beans have been eaten and then chucked up by weasels. No, I’m not kidding.

That’s your Monday mission this week. Hit up your corner coffee shop for some good coffee and enjoy that in the office. If you print out a little sign explaining the new coffee and what kind it is – even better!

Of course, this works with tea too :o)

The Chief Happiness Officer’s Monday tips are simple, easy, fun things you can do to make yourself and others happy at work and get the work-week off to a great start. Something everyone can do in five minutes, tops. When you try it, write a comment here to tell me how it went.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Tip: Get som gourmet coffee (or tea)”

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