Now THAT’S happiness at work

FlowersTuesday I was doing a presentation for one of my clients, an insurance company outside of Copenhagen.

As the participants arrived, I noticed that one lady was carrying a bouquet of flowers – so of course I had to ask what that was about. Was it her birthday, or..?

Turns out the flowers were from a coworker, who had just given them to her along with a hand-written card that said:

Not everything that counts can be counted
Not everything that can be counted, counts

To the best co-worker in the world!


Needless to say, she was VERY happy about this kind of recognition from a coworker.

And this is a fine example of how we can make others happy at work through recognition, building good relationships, random acts of workplace kindness and just plain taking the time to appreciate the nice people around you.

That is happiness at work, right there.

3 thoughts on “Now THAT’S happiness at work”

  1. That’s one great example. Although I think it has a different meaning if one would look deeper into it. Aside from recognition, I think it’s also excitement that made her feel happy about it.

  2. I agree that recognition is one way of making someone happy. It’s good to know that someone values and our work and our presence.
    Nobody wants to work in a place wherein nobody values your work and your sole purpose is to serve.

  3. Good for her to have someone who admires her. I usually don’t witness that kind of event. What I notice is appreciation which can be very uplifting..

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