Front page material

Yesterday one of Denmark’s leading newspapers had me on the front page:

Front page material

No, not the article about how ankle monitors keep convicts from falling back into crime – the one about how some people waste a lot of time at work complaining :o)

I had a great time last week talking to journalist Susanne Svendsen about happiness at work and how to take responsibility for your own work life. Susanne wrote a great article based on our conversation – .you can read the whole thing here (in Danish).

After the article came out, I was invited onto several TV and radio shows, including the national “Good Morning Denmark” where I appeared this morning together with Alfred Josefsen, the CEO of supermarket chain Irma which is Denmark’s happiest large workplace.

You can see the entire segment here (also in Danish). Click on Tuesday August 7th, then click on the segment marked “Arbejdsglæde”.

10 thoughts on “Front page material”

  1. This is great – more happiness to the people!

    Even thou TV2 is making me a bit unhappy with their services that doesn’t work on my Mac

  2. great article and thanks for spreading the word. how can they see your smiling face on the front page and NOT be happy?

  3. So nice to hear this Alexander. Several years back on a cold winter night in Denmark, I had the opportunity to visit the office of Jyllands Posten and break some bread :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your tips. As a struggling entrepreneur, it is sometimes difficult to overcome defeats. I hope I can learn to take everything in good humour.
    I will recommend your online book to my friends.

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone :o)

    It’s an interesting ride being me right now – lots of good stuff happening all the time. And more coming!

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