I could dance I am so happy!

EmailI just got an email update from Pixel Peony, who, as I previosuly blogged about, found that being positive opened some new doors for her:

I never expected that a retail job would lead to meeting the owner of a company. Literally, it was all due to treating people well and having a good attitude. I’m convinced. I was pleasantly surprised by the lengths people will go when they like you and like the way that you work.

The whole experience taught me not to take a “little” job for granted, or to take the people you work with for granted. Everything counts.

Well she now has a new, exciting job and wrote to tell me about it, ending with this gem of a motto:

Hard work, a positive attitude, thank you cards and a few bouquets of flowers and voila! I could dance I am so happy!

Woo-hooooo :o)

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