Happiness at work and Goal-Free Living. Event in Copenhagen on Oct. 5

SpeakersI’ve been hard at work over the last couple of days putting together a tremendously cool event here in Copenhagen.

The theme is goals. Do you have the right goals in life and at work? What do your goals do to you? Are you always chasing goals other people set for you? Are you one of the people who never seem to reach their goals? Or do you reach them – but forget to enjoy it?

Maybe you’re a goal-a-holic, like so many others these days. You can test yourself here, to see if you are.

This event will highlight:

  • How to find the right goals
  • How to find the energy to reach your goals
  • How you can live goal-free

The speakers include Nicolai Moltke-Leth, one of Denmark’s leading business speakers, Stephen Shapiro, author of Goal-Free Living – and yours truly :o)

The event takes place on Friday Oct. 5 from 1-4 PM in Copenhagen. It will be partly in English and partly in Danish and it only costs 300 DKK per person. Sign up fast, there’s only room for 200 people and I have a feeling this is going to be huuuuuge :o)

You can learn more and sign up here.

3 thoughts on “Happiness at work and Goal-Free Living. Event in Copenhagen on Oct. 5”

  1. Hello,

    Is it possible that you can write back to me and tell me approximately how much of the event will be in English. Thank you for your time and Good Luck!

    Warm Regards,

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