Happiness at work in advertising

Happiness at work in advertising

Now happiness at work (or at least) UNhappiness is coming to advertising. Check out these excellent ads printed on the sides of various vending machines after the jump:

Happiness at work in advertising

Happiness at work in advertising

Happiness at work in advertising

Happiness at work in advertising

Happiness at work in advertising

And I absolutely agree: Life is too short to work the wrong job.

Here’s another example of happiness at work in an ad:

Middelfart Sparekasse

Danish Bank “Middelfart Sparekasse” uses this outdoor ad to brag about the fact that they’re one of Denmark’s best workplaces and Europe’s best workplace in the financial sector.

The ad is interesting because it addresses both potential customers and potential employees. I predict we’re going to see much more of this – where companies brand themselves as happy workplaces, simply because it’s a great way to attract both customers and employees.

And yes, the bank is called Middelfart Sparekasse. In fact, I used to live in Middelfart. What’s so funny about that?

15 thoughts on “Happiness at work in advertising”

  1. Alex, what a great set of ads!

    Both clever and empathic at the same time.

    And….how did you know I was grinning at “Middelfart”?

    Keep creating…happiness at work,

  2. These are wonderful ads. I am assuming there are standards for the sizes of gas pumps, etc!!!???

    I am a huge fan of happiness at work, however as of late it seems more like a personal/individual endeavor. (As in above).

    I remember one day at IBM (my wife worked there too). I walked up to her office and told her what a bad day I was having. She was having one too, and asked what we were gonna do about it.

    So, we decided right then and there to move to Alaska. We packed our two cars, liquidated our furnishings, and two months later we were driving the Alaska highway in the dead of winter.

    It was a wonderful experience that built our relationship, boosted our careers, and turned out to be one of the most happiest moments for us.

    Sorry to ramble, just felt like it.


  3. One can excel in their work unless they like doing it and nothing more to it. When you learn to love your work your state of mind improves.When that happens our style of working also changes and these pictures are a working example of all this.

  4. These adds are remarkable…and the tag line “Life’s too short for the wrong job!” Simple and yet profound.

    I see so many people who are self-proclaimed prison inmates, in jobs that have “good benefits.” The “benefits” my job provides are countless, but they don’t have anything to do with insurance companies. The first and most important benefit is that I don’t dread going to work. I love what I do! Isn’t that the most important benefit of all?

  5. I often wondered why some gas pumps are slower than others and why those darn photo booths take so long to develope…this explains a lot! lol

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