52 jobs in 52 weeks

Sean AIken

Sean Aiken is doing 52 jobs in 52 weeks. Anybody, anywhere can offer him a job for one week and in the past 28 weeks he’s been a Dairy Farmer, Radio DJ, Veterinarian, Advertising Executive, Florist, Job Recruiter, Yoga Instructor, TV Talk Show intern and Snowshoe guide. He just completed Week #29 in which he was a Tradeshow Salesman in Atlanta, GA.

Talk about job-hopping :o)

It gets better: Sean’s one week employers donate any wages to charity, and he’s raised a little over $11,000 so far.

Sean Aiken

I had a chance to ask Sean a couple of questions about happiness at work – he ought to have some experiences to draw on by now…

Q: So Sean, what have been the most fun jobs so far?
I think the most fun jobs so far have been: Radio DJ, Brewmaster, Rock Climbing Instructor, Advertising Executive, and Dairy Farmer.

Q: What has this experience taught you about enjoying work – is there something you can pass on to people everywhere who may not be having much fun in their current work.
I have found that when I ask people what they like most about their jobs, the response is often the people they work with. I have realized that you could have the best or worst job in the world, though it is the people you work with that are going to make it a positive or negative work environment.

I think our attitudes play a big part in our workplace satisfaction. If you are not enjoying your job, I have learned that even small changes can make a big difference and it may not be necessary to change professions completely. Perhaps, simply changing departments, asking for more responsibility, etc.

Q: Has there been one job where you thought “Yeah – I could get to like THIS!”
I think I could get to like most things. I could definitely see myself in all my previous One Week Jobs in some capacity or another, though if I had to choose one, I enjoyed working for a non-profit as a Cancer Fundraiser. Everybody I was working with were so passionate about their jobs which made for a great work environment and I really liked the fact that what I was doing was contributing to benefiting the lives of so many.

Sean Aiken

I think Sean’s project is a fantastic idea and I know he’s still looking for work – so consider employing Sean for a week in your company, I’m sure it’ll be a blast! Check out the One Week Job website to learn more and to see video from Sean’s previous employment adventures.

2 thoughts on “52 jobs in 52 weeks”

  1. Hmm, I think I might have had 52 jobs over my lifetime (I’m 41 now), but not in a year! I attribute my bouncing around to ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder… it’s just SO hard to stick with one thing. Well, impossible really. I liked this post – very interesting story. Keep it up! (grabbing your feed as we speak). Vern

  2. wowow…I seldom watch TV because of the negative content and by chance ( some people would say, I feel through angel guidance, ) I flip on to your documentary on OWN network and was so impressed and inspired by your ability to conform to each and every job with positiveness. BRAVO
    It has opened a whole new realm of thinking out side the box for looking for a job …I have been a professional artist for 30 years and with the decline in the economy, I have taken lots of “fill in jobs” when I was not selling my art and each one of them aided in my growth and strength as they were learning experiences. you can check out my art on my web at annclowonline.com
    I also have started a house sitting business 10 years ago that works with my lifestyle where I live in peoples homes when they go away, giving their pets TLC…and paint during that time
    i am excited to see where the journey takes you after your experiences and to see where my road takes me after you opened the door to more possibilities in the job market..
    enjoy the journey Ann Marie

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