Last Tuesday I spoke at The Power of Passion conference in Stockholm which is an annual event arranged by the wonderful people at 4good. I gave the last presentation – after (among others) Pigge Werkelin, a famous Swedish entrepreneur and Renata Chlumska, a lady who has circumnavigated the entire lower 48 American states in a kayak and on a bicycle.

After I gave my presentation (which was very well-received, if I do say so myself) I was interviewed by journalist Jennie Sjöström who asked some great questions about happiness at work.

Jennie also brought along a photographer who was determined to get some especially happy looking photos.

Hence this:

An article about me in a Swedish newspaper

You can read the entire article here (it’s in Swedish though).

2 thoughts on “Det”

  1. Alex, I would say you look “especially happy” in the photo.

    Reading the comment about your encounter with a photographer determined to get some happy looking photos reminded me of the adults in my life growing up.

    Most of them were from the “old country” (read – Germany) and had gone through the Great Depression. Expressing happiness was something rare in that generation. But it did happen some.

    I wonder how they would have reacted to your call to be happy at work?

    This is not a critique just a question that popped into my head when I saw the photo of you giving the thumbs up.

    Congratulations on the well received presentation too.

    Keep creating,

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