I’m back from Istanbul – and off to Chicago, London and Indore, India

JetIt’s been pretty quiet around the blog last week because I’ve been in Istanbul giving a keynote at the HRDergi conference on performance management.

The message of happiness at work was very well received, and one lady even came up after the presentation and told me that a few years ago she was a high-powered executive for a huge company in Turkey with a high salary and a sports car. Unfortunately, she also cried in the car every morning on her way to work. She then quit her job, finished her phd and started a company together with some friends – and she is now very happy at work. Which just tells me that people all over the world face many of the samme choices in their work lives.

At the conference I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow speaker and author Alan Gregerman who’s written a fantastic book called Surrounded by Geniuses. Alan claims that most businesses contain many, many people capable of genius – but that workplaces rarely allow people to shine. His book is about how to let them shine.

And after one day at home, I’m now flying to Chicago where I’ll be at 1-800-CEO-Read’s Author Pow-Wow – a sort of unconference for business writers. I’m really excited about that and about meeting some fellow business bloggers that I’ve been in virtual contact with already, specifically Phil Gerbyshak and Sally Hogshead.

And right after that event ends I’m going to London for a day of meetings and then straight on to Indore, India where I’m speaking at the Indore Management Association’s annual conference and giving two workshops for executives at Tata.


And then home to Copenhagen for some well-deserved R&R :o) I’ll try to blog along the way and I will make sure to upload some pictures to my account on 23.

5 thoughts on “I’m back from Istanbul – and off to Chicago, London and Indore, India”

  1. Keep up the spirit of joy in the workplace, Alex!

    Now–I’m trying to figure out why it looks as if there are many more wakeboarding photos than working photos :-)

    Stay safe…

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