Branding yourself with happiness

Dan SchawbelWhile I’m traveling the world making people happy at work, here is a guest post by Dan Schawbel. Dan is the lead personal branding expert for generation-y. He blogs at The Personal Branding Blog, publishes Personal Branding Magazine, directs Personal Branding TV, and is the head judge for the 2008 Personal Brand Awards.

A happy brand is a successful brand

Ever wake up, dreading your typical routine 9-5 workday? I can picture you waking up, rolling out of bed, getting dressed, running to Dunkin Donuts, dreaming about being successful on the way to work and then finally sitting down at your cube watching the clock until you leave. Now who in their right mind would want to go through such an outrageous process? Today, I write before you, to tell you that you too can be happy at work. You may not be a Chief Happiness Officer or a Chief Technology Officer, but the same concept applies.

Introducing personal branding, the happiness-initiator and guess what, itís free. Personal branding is the process by which we differentiate ourselves by identifying and articulating our unique value proposition to achieve a specific goal. Wouldnít you want to be branded as a happy person? People donít want to be associated with a miserable Grinch-like individual that hates their job and the people around them. Why not start the day with a smile on your face, greet people who walk past you and be perceived as a team player.

Of course, if your job doesnít fit your brand, then this isnít possible. Personal branding allows you to use social media vehicles, such as blogs in order to convey your passions, goals and expertise. Now, for free, anyone can have their own website and build a reputable brand name. I used to be in product marketing, but my real interest was in personal branding and social media, so through all of my personal branding efforts, I was able to sculpt a position at my company that I would be content with. You can do the same.

Anyone can achieve happiness, but in order to get to that point, you need to gain confidence in yourself, be optimistic and pursue your passion. Starting a blog is a great way to let others know what makes you happy, and building a community through your blog can link you up with those that share interests, thus you both can be happy. In the workplace, whether you are a consultant or working for a fortune 500 company, your attitude is a reflection of your standing, in terms of customer acquisition and retention. In a web 2.0 world, people deal directly with people, so you need to be a ďpeople person.Ē

Take Guy Kawasaki for instance. When do you ever see him angry? Never, and thatís because his brand is built on giving back to others, being a good father and sharing business practices.

Being happy at your job is success. If youíre not happy with your job, then build a brand that reflects who you are and be recruited or start a company based on that.

6 thoughts on “Branding yourself with happiness”

  1. Thanks Dan/Alex,

    This post rings so true with me. This summer I decided to step off the career ladder and began co-authoring a website about happiness in the workplace. I

  2. I can’t even imagine going through that same boring routine each and every day. I think I would go crazy.

    Doing something that you love, and loving what you do is something that very few people ever attain.

    Even though this is the case, communicating a positive brand no matter where you go and what you do is a must to attracting great things and people to you over time!

    What a wonderful outlet this web 2.0 world is!

  3. This post is right on target with my life!!! I work in television and we are embarking on the 2.0 world. I decided to start a blog on my favorite subject…motivating a team. This blog has grown in the short 3 months I have been writing it. In fact, it has become an outlet for frustration at work, sharing of achievements and some personal thoughts. I absolutely love this and it has become an important part of my job!

    Love your thoughts…I will keep in contact.

  4. Phil: I checked out your website – it rocks! Especially the piece on doing what you love. I liked it so much, I posted it to my link collection:

    Scott: I would definitely go crazy too. And there’s no doubt that positive attracts positive. I’m certainly finding that!

    Brandon: Glad you liked it!

    Maryann: What a great idea to start that blog – and what a great blog. It’s important to have a place for those types of conversation, be it around the watercooler or online! Kudos!

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