My Irish radio debut

RadioMy life is now complete – I’ve been on radio in ireland :o)

Rowan Monaghan of Fortify Services appears regularly on Dublin’s Q102 station and invited me along for a ten-minute segment on happiness at work.

You can listen to the whole thing here. I urge you to do it, if just to hear Rowan’s and the presenter’s wonderful Irish accents. And also to read rowan’s hilarious comments on the event, which nearly had me spitting coffee all over my laptop :o)

And I’ve also been featured in a Turkish newspaper:
Alexander Kjerulf featured in a Turkish newspaper

Click the image above to read the whole article.

It would seem that the idea of happiness at work is spreading far beyond Denmark. THIS IS SO COOOOOL!

One thought on “My Irish radio debut”

  1. Congratulations at making it on to Irish radio :) As I regular Irish reader it’s great to see you getting some publicity over here, I’ve been telling friends about your blog for ages now. So when are you coming over to Ireland to visit us? There’s a lot of people that could do with listening to some of your ideas over here.

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