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Jiibe - Chief Happiness OfficerI previously blogged about jiibe, a really cool site that lets you discover the corporate culture most likely to make you happy at work.

You answer a few questions (at least 14, but the more you answer, the more accurate your results) and the site can then tell you how well you match the culture in your current workplace and also make some suggestions for where you might fit in even better.

Give jiibe a whirl – their test is fun and simple and the results can be pretty revealing :o)

Full disclosure: While we may do some work together in the future, jiibe are not paying me to advertise for them – I just really, really like their concept :o)

8 thoughts on “Go check out jiibe”

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, you should note that people have to register on the site to use it. Personal peeve of mine. Given that sites like jobvent.com manage to be anonymous, aside from future marketing opportunities (which I don’t need), that shouldn’t be a problem here. I guess there are some people who want to go back and compare results again in the future. For me, it’s more of a one off.

  2. Hi Zak, you can use Jiibe without registering, but you can’t save your answers. I will note that on the homepage. We really want people to register because we aggregate the answers for each company. That improves the accuracy of the culture description. Also, anonymity is such an important issue to our users that we need to give them that option. So, until we live in a more transparent work world (our mission) it is our reality. Thanks for the comments Zak!

  3. I think it provides great feedback as to corporate culture that best fits one’s interests. My last company was on the far opposite extreme of a number of my core work values, so it’s no wonder I quit.

    In registering, I couldn’t get past the current company page without filling in a response. Everytime I tried to click through, I returned to the same page. Thus, I entered “none” to move on. Is my Mac the issue? That issues crops up on a number of sites. After I registered, I was able to go back and delete the “none” employer.

    I recall being allowed to stay invisible until a set number of responses per company were generated. Did I miss a permanent invisibility option? I realize visibility is important in building your database of responses for others to look at. As an individual on the job market, I don’t know that a completely honest opinion of my last employer — sans whitewashing — is necessarily a web item I want tied back to me.

  4. We just added the deeper anonymity feature last week. You can edit your anonymity by clicking on the “My Jiibe” button and then click the link “Edit My Profile.” Then change the “Privacy” setting to whatever works best for you. You raise some great points. We love that feedback! Thanks, Greg. If you like you can email me directly at “greg (at) jiibe (dot) com.”

  5. Andre,

    I am wondering what I clicked on the first time I was on the site, because now going through, it’s not asking me to register.

    What did you think of the site?


  6. Andrea, we just added that new homepage last week and it didn’t link to the survey as we had it originally. You brought it to our attention with your comment and we returned it (about 10 minutes ago) to how we had it before. You rock! We hate it when people make us register for sites that we know nothing about too.

  7. Cool site that JIBE…we have a new cool site that will help people find jobs at those kind of companies…it is called linkup…www.linkup.com where we simply (lol) aggregate company jobsites.

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