How not to manage geeks – in Italian

How not to manage geeks

Marco Bertola has translated one of my most popular pieces in Italian – a post that lists the 10 most common mistakes that managers of geeks make. It is consistently one of the most widely read on my blog – probably because geeks and managers still approach work in very, very different ways.

You can find the Italian version here:
How not to manage geeks / Come NON dirigere i geek

Grazie Marco!

This post is also available in:

And of course, the original (in English) is right here.

One thought on “How not to manage geeks – in Italian”

  1. Hadn’t read the original before but it’s spot on. One of my best friends is an business analyst/programmer which makes her like a translator between geeks and management. I think one of the reasons she has been such a successful contractor is simply because she is able to effectively communicate with both. Great article!

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