7 thoughts on “Quote: Work is love made visible”

  1. This is one of my all-time favourite quotes, and, in precisely the spirit that Hayden proffers, something that I always endeavour to live up to – unfortunately not always successfully – in everything I do! It was, coincidentally the motive which underpinned the whole rationale behind my business proposition and indirectly gave rise to the name of my business – Zealise.

  2. Hi Alex! Thanks for dropping by. Its a wonderful surprise to have you post a comment on my blog as I did not expect anyone else to be reading it apart from a few friends. I will gather my thoughts once I’ve re-read your book and drop you an e-mail. Thanks again!

  3. Hayden is right, which is why we wrote our Happy Work-cycle Model: http://www.the-happy-manager.com/goal-setting-tip.html . One of the stages is to learn to love what you have to do, if you can’t do what you’d love to do. We’re just in the process of writing the rest of that series, elaborating on each individual stage. There! We’ve said it so now we’ve got to get on with it!!! Alexander very kindly posted that article in his favourites last year. Thanks for that Alex, and for adding us to your links. Very much appreciated.

  4. we’re going to act that quote as tableau presentation. I find it hard. how can our group do it? any answers? Asap.

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