Still more book reviews. My book is STILL good :o)

Happy Hour is 9 to 5Reviews of my book keep coming in, and people have been saying amazingly nice things about it.

Eric Deniau writes:

I discovered your website several months ago while searching the web when I finished reading another excellent book, “Peopleware” by Tom De Marco & Tim Lister. I loved it right away. I first read the online version of the book (very good idea indeed – I then purchased several paper versions) and found everything in it so true and well written, full of funny pictures and convincing contemporary examples !

One of the brilliant things in the book is that it gives very practical and workable advice on what we can do to improve. Up to the point that I recently explained in a board meeting (I am engineering head in a high-tech company) what is a happy plan. I just started to implement one in my team, and believe me, the first feedback is extremely positive. I’ll provide updates about my experience on this site.

Thanks Eric! I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you – keep me posted!

Barry Egan wrote:

I find your book very helpful in maintaining employee satisfaction. I think it’s great that you offer a free online version of your book. I’ve referred to it many times, when dealing with employee rewards and motivation. It truly is a great read. I’m constantly keeping up with new ways to make my workplace inspiring and just an overall great environment to work. I believe employee satisfaction is the key to happy customers.

Thanks! And I could not agree more – happy employees = happy customers.

More great reviews of my book here:

Interested? You can read the whole book free online or you can buy it on paper or pdf.

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