Back from Austria

Skiing Sölden Austria

I’m back from snowboarding in Sölden Austria and it absolutely rocked. I was very curious how my new Ride Snowboard + Burton boots would work out and they were excellent. I have never ridden so fast. In fact, I managed to seriously scare myself a couple of times :o)

Steve RoeslerWhile I was gone Steve Roesler of the All Things Workplace blog did some excellent posts on change and happiness which I really enjoyed reading. My favorite has got to be the one on the backlash against happiness. Good grief!

That post also inspired some great comments, especially Kevin Carson’s on the unethical use of Fish and similar tools in the hospital where he works and Scott Nutter’s notion that it’s not about being happy but happier.

It’s interesting to notice that Steve’s style is more open and inquiring, where my blog posts tend to be more argumentative and “here’s what I think!”-like.

So thank you Steve for giving the blog a great peek into a very important topic and for introducing some great conversations.

To thank Steve for his help, I sent him a small present: a copy of my very favorite book on change. This is one book that changed me.

And if you want another look at what I was up to in Austria, here’s a POV video of me snowboarding some fresh powder, ending with a major crash :o) Man, I love falling in powder!

The video was taken with my new helmet-mounted video camera. Yes, I looove gadgets :o)

5 thoughts on “Back from Austria”

  1. Welcome back, Alex.

    Just watched the video–very realistic. Gotta sweep the powder off of the sofa:-)

  2. So did you see Julie Andrews singing about the hills being alive? Just kidding…I love those photos, but we need some beach scenes this time of year…
    Anita Bruzzese

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