HP and I are making the UK happy!

Today I’m in Stratford-upon-Avon (birthplace of William Shakespeare) helping Hewlett-Packard promote their Happy People campaign to their UK channel partners.

I wrote about this campaign previously. The cool thing about it is that they’re using happiness at work to promote their products – and of course that they hired me for it :o)

As part of the campaign, they made this sweet little flash presentation:

Neat, huh?

And remember, if you work in the UK, there’s still a chance for your company to win a workshop with me. More information here:

Full disclosure: HP are paying me to participate in media activities related to this project and to do the workshops for the winning companies.

One thought on “HP and I are making the UK happy!”

  1. Alexander – I think this is a fantastic idea. It is about time that companies recognize that having happy people is the key to success in any business. I hope that HP (& you) will do this in Canada. I think there is a tremendous opportunity to do this in other parts of the world.

    Judy McLeish

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