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Steve RoeslerNext week I’ll be absent from the blog – and present on some Austrian ski slopes trying out my new Ride snowboard. Can I get a Yaaaay!

While I’m gone, Steve Roesler of the All Things Workplace blog has promised to guest blog here. Over on his own blog, Steve’s been running a long series on change (he’s up to post 39 so far) and he’s promised to blog here about “Happiness, Satisfaction, and Change.” Thanks, Steve!

I currently see three major things that make people unhappy at work in companies all over the world: bad management, too much work and large organizational change, so I look forward to seeing Steve’s thoughts on happiness and change. He’ll be introducing himself further in a post Friday.

Meanwhile, I’ll be doing lots and lots of this:


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  1. Dear Mr. Kjerulf,
    Learning that you are in Austria at present I am glad to inform you, that your informations are present here also. I quoted you in “Happiness Observer” of the IFEG – Institut f

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