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I was – seriously – asked in my annual review last year to stop saying ‘I have a fantastic job’… apparently it’s not fair on those who don’t.

I told my manager that the freedom to say that I love my job was indeed a dealbreaker… he looked sheepish and the conversation ended.

Interesting approach – rather than make the unhappy employees happier at work, managers could just stop the happy ones from expressing their happiness. Sheesh!

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4 thoughts on “Huh?”

  1. HR is right but there are organizations, particularly large ones, that manage to the lowest common denominator. It is the same concept of the teacher moving at the pace of the slower students. The fast kids with potential either conform, misbehave, or leave (and are asked to leave) the system. No one ever wants to admit this phenomenon exists but they know that it does.

  2. I was at a former job pulled aside by management and told I shouldn’t express my positivity and happiness for the product we were making. Apparently it made other colleagues on my team irritated and frustrated as they didn’t believe in what we did as I much as I did… For several reasons I conformed at the time – I guarantee I won’t make that mistake ever again as the absence of expressing joy and positivity and focusing on all the things that were “wrong” steadily drove the spirit of the team into an ireversible downward spiral – ending with the company going bankrupt…
    Thanks for reminding me! :)

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