16 thoughts on “A happy dentist”

  1. Haha! Yes, that’s awesome. But still, I wouldn’t prefer my dentist to wear that, coz I’ll just end up smiling and laughing too much for him to work!

    Was at the dentist’s once. And on the wall up high right in front of my chair was a flat screen TV showing a prank show. The TV was so big, and so exactly directly in my line of sight, I could’t look anywhere else. And I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched! I tried not to and ended up gagging…ahahah…

    Yes, it was very thoughtful of them to put something good and distracting in that horrific place. But THAT was just too much! (In a funny way of course!)

  2. LOL – Thanks Alex – I’d just gotten over my fear of dentists…and now you pop this image into my retina. I just felt a shiver go down my spine :)

  3. This is more scary than a clown mask! I prefer my dentist to look naturally scary..lol… ( she doesn’t by the way).

    Think about life as a dentist. Ours has never been anything but nice to both my kids – but after 20 years of seeing her they would still avoid her like the plague. Thankfully they have good teeth!

  4. Very very funny, I will refer a dentist friend to this site. Keep ’em coming….

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