26 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me”

  1. Hey there, happy 40th!

    I just celebrated mine last week – in fact, exactly one week ago! (am 48).

    You definitely don’t “look” forty. :)

  2. Thaaaaaaaanks everybody :o)

    I had a great birthday – giving presentations to two very well-known Danish organizations. Partying will come later :o)

  3. Happy Birthday Alex !
    I turned 40 a fortnight ago, so I know how you feel !

  4. Happy 40th Alex – the saying goes that life begins at 40 and, although I hope we all start living our lives to the full a long time before that, hitting 40 does give one a sense of “now I can just be who I am without the need for too much explanation”, which is pretty liberating!

  5. Happy Birthday Alex.
    You are a true inspiration and hope someday I see you on the stage along with Ricardo Semler.
    Jorge (Mexico)
    P.S. Good luck in WorldBluLive

  6. Hey ALex!!

    WIsh you a very Happy Birthday dude! I am a gemini myself , however half your age! SO, cant really comment on how it would be at 40! I just came across your blog few mins back about the cool workplaces! And I think it is fabulous. Whenever , If at all, I open up ma business, I ll keep these kool ideas in ma mind! Thanks ya!

    Have a rocking tym mate!

  7. 40? Bah! Turning forty is a breeze! When I past that milestone 14 years ago, I truly felt I had achieved membership is a special club. I always got “Sir-ed” by everyone and people 40 and over seemed to recognize that I had made it to that age where you don’t have to care what anyone else thinks about you. Want to wear plaid bermuda shorts with dress shoes, high black socks and a wife-beater undershirt? Go ahead! Got a hankering for the early bird rib-eye steak special? Go on, get in line.

    So on behalf of those 40 and over, I welcome you!!

  8. Happy Birthday Alex from a 55 year-old newborn. I recently read that the great thing about getting older is we don’t remember the details, but our minds embrace the big concepts better than ever. Of course…I forget where I read that. :)

    Ronnie Ann

  9. Hey Alex,

    Happy birthday. Turning 40 was a bit of an ordeal for me too (I’m now 44). I have come to realize that I will always get older but I’ll never get old.

    Perspective is everything.


    Love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  10. I am 40 today july 12. I am female and I do feel different. I don’t really know what it is but I feel it. But I also feel great and i think I look good and would like to tell you it’s not the end of the world it’s nice to no where you are going!!

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