Upcoming gigs – and a vague hint

Personlig Innovation

I have some very interesting gigs coming up – including some international ones.

Here are the ones I look forward to the most:
May 21st: Personal Innovation, Copenhagen
I’m putting on a half-day conference right here in Copenhagen about being innovative on a personal level. I will speak and so will Steven Shapiro, Gareth Garvey and Lotte Heise.

Read all about it and sign up here.

June 16+17: Festival In The Workplace, Nassau
This conference is about introducing the experiences, methods and energy of the world’s festivals (like carnivals) into the workplace.

See their brochure and sign-up info here: page 1, page 2.

Yes – my work forces me to go the Bahamas. I have it tough :o)

October 16+17: WorldBlu Live, New York
This one is going to be amazing! It’s all about making our organizations democratic and freedom-based rather than command-and-control and fear-based.

The WorldBlu conference two years ago is still one of the best business events I’ve ever attended!

Read all about this year’s conference and sign up here.

November 5: Thoughts on Happiness Symposium, Baarn, The Netherlands
Some of the premier European happiness researchers and advocates are speaking at this event and I can’t wait to be a part of it. It’s going to be fairly intimate with only room for 120 participants, which always improves a conference.

Read all about it and sign up here.

… and now the hint
And finally the vague hint: On Monday I will release a brand-new tool that is cool, fun and even (gasp!) potentially useful. Stay tuned! Further hinting: Facebook!

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