Even if you win the rat race – you’re still a rat!

I had to share this wonderful cartoon by Polyp:

There’s also a cool animated version:

Does anyone honestly think that making more money, consuming more stuff, driving a bigger car or bagging that fancy title will make them happier?

It seems that many people consistently focus their time and energy on getting things that won’t make them happy – to the cost of the simple but important factors: Friends, family, meaning and fun.

Ask yourself this: How much of your time is spent doing things that make you or other people happy? And how much racing the other rats in the maze?

Here are some way to get out of the rat race:

I think Lily Tomlin said it best:

“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

(If this post looks familiar, it’s because it IS a repost – this time with full attribution to Polyp who made it and who was kind enough to give me retroactive permission to use his cartoon – Thanks!)

9 thoughts on “Even if you win the rat race – you’re still a rat!”

  1. Yeah, it’s so hard. I’ve found the non-profit sector to be most fulfilling, and keep me the happiest, but I’m now facing graduation from my Masters with a load of debt, it’s scary to think of paying it all off on a smaller salary. Will have to find some way how…

  2. I have been in the HR field for over 30 years. Early on I created a workshop in Motivation because I saw the futility that the cartoon portrays.

    I have sat in hundreds of meetings in Human Resource Departments where the participants focused on employee activities aimed at fun off the job, around the job, after the job and away from the job, but never on the job.

    It is simple. People who love what they do have fun when they are performing their job. The job of the manager is to remove objects that interfere with the fun.

    Simple but, somehow, hard to do.

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